BETHANY 8:30AM     +     PILGRIM 10:30AM

              we switch times first sunday in september

We mean it when we say, 

"All Are Welcome". 

We try to offer the same radical hospitality that Christ teaches us (Titus 1:8, 1 Peter 4:8-9)

No one is turned away. 

Click Here for streamed/archived worship services.

What to expect

gathering + word + meal + sending

Laid back, yet reverent.

Traditional, yet relevant.

Kids who go to church now are more likely to go to church in the future. Cries from babies and shuffling from kids are expected! Both churches have nurseries.

In worship you will find folks express their faith in different ways--some bring their coffee with them into worship. Some cross themselves and bow at the altar while others prefer not to.

Some wear bibs and others wear suits.

In other words, come as you are!

Last thing: get to church early if you want the prime back pew spots! (Lutherans.... )