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"What is this?"

More than a beloved lutheran slogan,

Confirmation is all about asking "What is this?" or "what does this mean?"


  • Catechesis (fancy way of saying "religious instruction". Pronounced cat-a-key-sis). 
  • Exposure to the ways of the local parish as well as the universal Church.
  • Relationship-building between peers, the pastor, a personal mentor, and other members of the congregation. 
  • Looking at the self in relation to God and seeing God in our daily lives. This leads us to ponder what happened at our baptism and what continues to happen because of it?

There are two years of instruction where we rely heavily on the Small Catechism and the Bible. The beginning of the third year, we prepare for the culminating event: the Rite of Affirmation of Baptism. This is a magnificent day when the class presents to the congregation their faith statement, their desire to become members of the church, and their affirmation and gratefulness for what happened to them in baptism! Their family and sponsors come forward and, after making public vows, they are gifted with the laying on of hands and blessed with the Holy Spirit! 

Confirmation Updates


Leading up to Confirmation Sunday (Oct. 29) we will prep the confirmands .  1st and 2nd years are asked to bring all their materials (folder, bible, small catechism). 

All students should have seen the Torchlighters' movie on Martin Luther (see  "cartoon version" below).

Reminder that each church has a confirmation "point-person" who collects all paperwork and assists on Wednesdays:

Bethany= Frank Dao and Laura Formanek

Pilgrim= Lisa Jensen and Rhoda Jensen

Pastor Emily is the primary confirmation teacher.

All assignments/letters, etc. are sent home with students but they are also available below.



Our curriculum

The Bible and the Small Catechism.

We also refer to

Colaborate Confirmation Curriculum

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