Welcome to Lent

Pray. Fast. Give. Prepare.

These are the themes of the season of Lent. As we walk together to Jerusalem, to Holy Week, we invite you to  return to the Lord through spiritual disciplines. No matter where you are in your journey, keep in mind that we ALL need directions. As we prepare for Holy Week, consider how the following spiritual disciplines can become part of your walk with God:

  • Attend services (see below for Lenten schedule)
  • Join us in daily prayer at Noon and 6PM* from wherever you are. 
  • Pray and/or experience the rite of Confession & Forgiveness with Pr. Emily. Offered Mondays @ Pilgrim 3-6PM, and Thursdays @ Bethany 3-6PM, or by appointment. 

Everyone should be getting this email from Pastor Emily (actually, bethanypilgrimparish@gmail.com). If you are not, let Pastor know!

Lent Videos:

Holden Evening Prayer

Weekly Lessons on Spiritual Practices