Advent is the beginning of the Church Year!  Contrary to the  world around us  frantically perfecting "the happiest season of all", the Church encourages us to slow down, wait, watch, and wonder.  We prepare our hearts as inns for Christ, cleaning out all that gets in the way between ourselves and the one true God. Advent focuses on holy joy, the tension between now and not yet, the incarnation, fear and trembling with the end of all days, light and darkness. 

On this page you will find:

-our parish Devotional

-each church's Giving Tree

-Kid's activities

-Advent Videos/archived videos

-scenes from Christmases past!

-and more!

Devotional: advent_devotional2020.pdf

Pilgrim's Giving Tree

The Women of the Church oversee gathering money donations for two families that could use extra Christmas Blessings this year. 

The first family is a single mom with 3 children who are in the Frederic School District - the mom works outside the home and the family could use some assistance as they struggle to live life. 

The second family is a single mom with a small child with health issues - she works outside the home and has struggles to make ends meet. 

Send your donation to: 

Karen Swanberg 

307 3rd Avenue N 

Frederic, WI 54837 

and note on the check Christmas Family. The plan is to buy gift certificates for Frederic Grocery, Daeffler's Meats, gas cards and possibly Wal-Mart. The deadline is Friday, December 4. 

Bethany's Giving Tree

Instead of selecting ornaments from a tree at church – we have a master list of items and people may call the church office to select a gift.              Call 715-349-5280

 Gifts are due to the church by December 13th

**Please be sure your gifts are wrapped and have     

a tag on them indicating the family member to receive the gift (example: 2-year-old boy)


Adult Female (Age 27) 

Clothes: sweaters, pants, shoes, other items (size M/L and 8 1/2 -9W shoes)


Household Items:   gift cards towards purchase of phone or TV, other items



Child Girl #1 (Age 7)

Clothes:  shirts, pants, dress up clothes, hats (size 7/8 and shoe size 1)


Child Boy #1 (Age 6)

Clothes:  hats, gloves, sweaters, other clothes (size 8 boys and shoe size 1)


Child Boy #2 (Age 4)

Clothes:  sweaters, other clothes, (size 5/6 and shoe size 13)


Toys:  Power rangers, cars, Batman, dress up stuff, spiderman stuff


Child Boy #3 (Age 3)

Clothes:  sweaters, other clothes, (size 3t-4t and shoes size 9/10)


Toys:  Legos, spiderman stuff, Joner/Batman




Child Boy #4 (Age 2)

Clothes:  Sweaters, any other clothes (size 3t-4t and shoe size 9/10)


Toys:  Paw Patrol stuff, Baby Shark, cars, Batman stuff


Kids Activities!

Families are encouraged to gather around their devotionals to learn about God and pray. A great Advent devotional for kids is Journey to the Manger.  There is a section for adults to read to their young ones and then a corresponding puzzle section for youths grade 3-6th. It also includes a foldable Advent map with stickers! Check it out: Journey to the Manger Book.

Any Advent Calendar is great for kids to learn about the patience and hope of Advent. Join us on Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 6PM as we light our Advent Wreaths and Pastor Emily will have something fun for the kids to do!

Advent Videos

The Bible Project is a YouTube channel that features awesome  graphic videos for people of all ages to enjoy. The series below is their Advent Series. Check out this amazing non-profit org at

We are very grateful for their work and ministry!

The Sundays of Advent in order: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love.