Bethany & Pilgrim Lutheran Parish

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Located eleven miles apart, the Swedish settlements of Siren and Frederic, Wisconsin have had ties with the Lutheran tradition since their inception. These immigrants came from a country where the state religion was Lutheranism. They would later become members of the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Synod, a Lutheran church body made up primarily of Swedes in this country.


The West Sweden township became a haven for Swedes. The Lutheran church in West Sweden was established in 1873. The hearty lumberjacks and their families flocked to the newly formed town of Frederic around the turn of the century and on May 29, 1905, with the blessing of the good people from West Sweden, Scandinavian Lutheran Pilgrim Church was organized.


Siren, from the Swedish word Syren, meaning “lilac”, was mainly settled by Swedish immigrants from Chicago, many greatly influenced by the Evangelical Covenant Mission Church movement. This pietist movement was different than the confessional (orthodox) group in West Sweden. In 1891 a church was formed. In 1920, a group of people wishing to adhere to the more “Lutheran” aspects of their tradition called upon the Minnesota Conference of the Augustana Synod and on April 9th, 1921 the constitution of Bethany Lutheran Church of Siren was adopted. Next year, Bethany will celebrate its centennial!


In 2012 Bethany and Pilgrim Lutheran became a parish. Throughout the years, these congregations have witnessed a lot: railroads, fashions, wars, recession, and mergers. Yet they have remained steadfast to their faith in Jesus Christ and their commitment to love and serve the Lord! 

Ära vare Gud!  Glory be to God!