Brianna Dahlberg

"Children are a legacy of God" Psalm 127:3

Brianna is a wonderful 6 year old girl who  has been diagnosed with  SJIA ( systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis), a devastating autoimmune disease that has led to her to endure countless surgeries at several hospitals throughout the United States. Along with SJIA, Brianna  has two  rare lung diseases. Her incredible parents,  Rosie and Andy Dahlberg, have been with her every step of the way. As their pastor, it has been incredible to watch their faithfulness as well as their steadfastness in handling Brianna's cases on top of raising two other children:  Joshua (4) and newborn Grayson (4 months)!

As a parish, I encourage us all to continue to pray for the Dahlberg family as well as  give to the GoFundMe that was set up by Orianna Barney,  a family member on Rosie's side who became concerned from the growing financial stress of hospital bills, hotel stays, babysitters, etc.

What can we do to help this beloved child of God?

*Start by clicking on the GoFundMe link either here or on the picture below.

Recent Update

Rosie (Brianna's wonderful mother) posted this update:

Today has been a long day already we all woke up at 315am and brought Brianna down to Minnesota to get her mri! Today they will be looking for cancer in her body! Praying 🙏🏼 that they don’t find anything today!!

Update:: MRI results are in!!!! We are happy to say there was NO visual signs of cancer in Brianna. We are going on 8 months of being a cancer SURVIVOR!!! #briannastrong

2nd update: we were just about to leave the hospital and were told rheumatology wanted to talk to us. Brianna labs have came back and she has dangerously low hemoglobin and red blood count.. which means we are still on the hospital and she is now getting a blood infusion.. hopefully this will help her!!

Last update: it’s been a super long day but I’m happy to say we are finally headed home! Brianna did really well with her blood infusion and we have to redo labs in a few days and then make a plan from there. Dr said normally she would keep a child needing a blood infusion overnight but she has full faith that we will watch her closely this evening.

Want to see Brianna’s journey since 2016 to now please check out her video on YouTube:

 Brianna's Video

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