Adult Ministry

SEEKING TO PROVIDE OPPORTUNITIES FOR OUR members and communities we serve to grow in faith, to find their place of mission, and build a better future..


Bible Study

Aka "Lectionary"

The readings we read every Sunday are part of the lectionary. Every Tuesday 10:00AM Bible Study takes a deep dive into the reads the upcoming Sunday's lessons.

Location alternates between Bethany and Pilgrim Visit the Lectionary Page to Learn More

Serving the Community

Servicing the community as part of an adult ministry allows individuals to put their faith into action by reaching out and helping others. By participating in these types of activities, individuals are not only able to make a positive impact on the lives of others, but they are also able to grow in their own faith and deepen their understanding of their beliefs. Additionally, serving the community can also help to build bridges between different groups and promote understanding and unity within a community. Overall, servicing the community is a vital part of adult ministry and can have a significant positive impact on both the individuals serving and those being served.