Zoom Meetings

Zoom is a way to connect with each other via the internet. We can see and hear each other! Even if you do not have a camera, you can call in and the rest of the people can hear you and you can hear others (like a phone call). 

How To Use Zoom

1.  If you have Zoom downloaded onto your computer: click on the Zoom links below and the link will automatically take you to the Zoom meeting. Just follow the prompts. 

2. If you do not have Zoom installed on your computer: click on the Zoom links below and follow the prompts. It will ask you to download Zoom onto your computer. It will ask for access to your camera and microphone, click accept. Zoom is free, no need to purchase anything. Once Zoom is installed on your computer, click on the Zoom link you want to use below and it will automatically take you to the Zoom meeting.

3. If you have problems, please call Pastor Emily (715-791-4429) or Jane (715-349-5280).

  • Epiphany Service Wednesday 6PM Jan. 6th

    Join in worship on this Holy Day! Today the Church celebrates the arrival of the Wise Men and the revelation of Christ as King to all the nations! Our Christmas season has ended and Epiphany, the great manifestation/reveal of God, is here! 

    For the worship service, please access the advent_devotional2020.pdf. We will be on pages 6-10 for Evening Prayer, and referring page 37 (Epiphany).  The confirmation classes will be in attendance as well as other familiar faces! 

    Simply click here to join: 


  • Bible Study to meet Feb. 2

    Bible Study will take a break for the month of January. We will reconvene on Tuesday Feb. 2 (Candlemas Day), at our regular time. 

    Join us as we read and reflect on the lectionary for the upcoming Sunday. God's Word daily forms us, but once a week we set aside time to dive deep in the theology and context of the text as well as meditate on the Living Word. Click here to join the Zoom meeting. 

  • Confirmation

    The Confirmation classes were asked to participate in the Christmas events throughout December: Wed. evening prayer @ 6PM via zoom; worship on Sunday (encouraged to catch up with worship reflection notes); and to participate in the Christmas pageant. We will not meet again until Epiphany Day (Wed. Jan. 6) for the Epiphany worship.