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"Prayer is a strong wall and mighty fortress of the Church." Martin Luther

You are welcome to share your prayers with the community here, write an anonymous prayer, share a prayer with the pastor only, or simply pray for other prayers on this page. As the Body of Christ we pray together, no one prays alone. 


Please pray for Brianna Dahlberg as her oxygen level is going down and they are heading to the ER. Prayers are needed for the whole family; Andy, Rosie and Brianna's 2 brothers.


1. Norah Anderson (husband John), "Dear Lord you know what her needs are." 2. Bruce Bjork and family 3. Brianna Dahlberg 4. Mauricio Turjilo 5. Julie Glazebrook, Karen Persico's daughter who had brain surgery and is now recuperating. 6. Harold & Retta Nelson 7. Tori Niles for continued healing


Prayers for Bruce Bjork and his family who live in St. Croix Falls, WI as Bruce is health issues with his heart.


Please pray for the following people... 1. Martha Bakers son-in-law who lives in florida and is in the hospital and very, very ill. 2. Brianna Dahlberg needs continued prayers as here medication dosages have been adjusted. 3. Continued prayers for Mauricio Trujilo who is at Benedictine Health Center in Minneapolis. Thank you Dear Lord for the progress that Mauricio has made so far. 4. Prayers for Quinn and Brianna Stone in the loss of their baby. 5. Prayers for Karen Persico's daughter, Juli Glazebrook who will be consulting with a neurosurgeon. 6. Continued prayers for Vonnie Anderson as she settles in to her new living arrangement in Eau Claire. 7. Continued prayers for Harold and Retta Nelson as Hospice is with the family during his illness.


Lord, be with Brianna and the whole Dahlberg family. Bless her on turning 6 years old! Help us be the congregation they need us to be. Amen.

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