What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is a formative process of:

  • Catechesis (fancy way of saying "religious instruction". Pronounced cat-a-key-sis). 
  • Exposure to the ways of the local parish as well as the universal Church.
  • Relationship-building between peers, the pastor, a personal mentor, and other members of the congregation. 
  • Looking at the self in relation to God and seeing where God is in your life! This means, greatest of all, pondering what happened at your baptism and what continues to happen because of it!

There are two years of instruction where we rely heavily on the Small Catechism and the Bible. The beginning of the third year, we prepare for the culminating event: the Rite of Affirmation of Baptism. This is a magnificent day when the class presents to the congregation their faith statement, their desire to become members of the church, and their affirmation and gratefulness for what happened to them in baptism! Their family and sponsors come forward and, after making public vows, they are gifted with the laying on of hands and blessed with the Holy Spirit! 

Wednesday Nights!

For now, we are meeting Wednesdays 6:30-8PM via Zoom. Simply click here to join! 

For assignments look at the bottom of the page.


Click here for the Confirmation Letter and Schedule (1st and 2nd years):  Confirmation_Learning_Agreement_20.docx

Click here for the Confirmand's Letter and Schedule (includes information about Confirmation Day and Faith Statement): those_grad._fall20.docx

Our general Confirmation Program: Confirmation_Program.docx

Spring 2021 Parent Letter: conf.letters_spring21.docx

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  • The Holy Spirit: Bible Project!

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  • Confirmation

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  • Worship Reflections

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  • Service Report

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  • Bible Project: What is the Bible? pt 1

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  • Bible Project: The Story of the Bible pt 2

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Due Next

This is updated regularly. Please complete the tasks below and note the due date!

Classmate interviews

Complete the above worksheet with someone from confirmation. Simply click the big red button to open the doc.

Past Assignments:

Confession and Forgiveness:

Due Wednesday March 17th:

1. Talk to family about Confirmation Letter that was sent out. What are their thoughts? One was sent out last week and one was sent out March 17th. They are similiar.

2. Complete this worksheet

Older items:

--Complete the matching worksheet on pg 34 of the red Liturgical Catechism. For sure the first 7 holy days listed on the left. The rest will be due eventually, so you may just want to complete the whole page. 

--Terri named those who still need to turn in the January Review Sheets to her. 

--If you have a mentor in mind, please connect that person to Pastor or Terri.